Our Services

We offer a wide range of services for commercial clients. Below you will find a selection of the services you offer. However if you require something which you cannot see please get in touch to see if we can help you.  We are also looking to collaborate with talented individuals across the UK to produce short films. 

Commercial Film

Commercial film is a crucial part of advertising and promoting business. We work with marketing teams to create adverts and films to promote companies across the UK. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and industries. 

Music Video

High end music video production using in house equipment. We excel at delivering professional music videos on time and on budget. Our team have worked with various major labels and independent artists. 

Original Content

We produce short films with an ambition to produce feature lengths within a couple years. We can be hired to film projects for T.V and big screen. Our team of creatives can also write and storyboard and produce concept artwork. 


Our in house animator can create content in a wide range of formats from stop motion, hand drawn, Cut Out and even 3D modelling animating and rendering. This can be really helpful to set your brand apart from the rest. 

Live Visuals

Live Visuals are important for bands to really wow their crowds as they play live. We use various abstract methods and forms of animation to take your viewers through a journey as you perform your set. 

Live Streaming

We have equipment to perform a fully live streamed gig. This can be recorded and streamed live as it happens or pre recorded, edited and then streamed to your viewers as if it is played live. 

Studio Hire

We have our own film studio based inside an old church in the heart of Scotland. It which features a green screen cyclorama and beautiful period features such as sand stone walls and original spiral stair case. 

Poster Design

Our in house graphic designers can design and develop tour posters and artwork for film and tv. Examples of previous work include poster designs for The Snuts and independent feature length films and shorts. 

Album Artwork

Our team have designed artwork for bands such as The Snuts. We work closely with the artist to develop an idea and a vision which promotes the music and stands out. We use a range of different media and even have in house photographers.