Commercial Film

Commercial film is a crucial part of advertising and promoting business. We work with marketing teams to create adverts and films to promote companies across the UK. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and industries. 

Music Video

High end music video production using in house equipment. We excel at delivering professional music videos on time and on budget. Our team have worked with various major labels and independent artists. 

Original Content

We produce short films with an ambition to produce feature lengths within a couple years. We can be hired to film projects for T.V and big screen. Our team of creatives can also write and storyboard and produce concept artwork. 


This award winning music video features a band battling a giant stop motion octopus. It was produced for long time collaborator and independent music artists Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves. This was filmed with no budget in a tiny garage-converted into a studio. We now have a custom build studio green screen which we can utilise to its full potential for future projects. 

Brands we've worked with:

From producing video content for musicians which are signed to major labels, working with award winning marketing agencies as well as Scotland’s Largest Independent Publishing Company.