Our Story

We are new company whom each member has their own personal journey and skillset with many years experience in their own areas. Our team came to fruition when Jibber Jabber Podcaster’s Kev & Jay began visiting conventions across the UK to meet and interview celebrities.

Their skills behind the camera were limited and they wanted to focus on their interviews rather than filming so they recruited an additional member – Seb. He is our camera operator, photographer technical director, editor and all round muscle man.

Seb helped the podcast record their trips around the country which got them a foot in the door and in front of famous faces. It was at one of these conventions they befriended a famous musician who asked them to make a documentary about him. 

The documentary grew arms and legs and quickly started to go down the route of being a feature length film with the team getting an all paid trip to LA to meet and greet with A Listers who would be interviewed for the documentary.

Just as the team were about to go a little thing called COVID happened. It put the doc on hold but the silver lining is that Kev recruited Scott to the team. Scott is also handy with a camera but also brings skills such as graphic design, animating and storyboarding to the table.

The team was almost complete. However it lacked overall direction. Kev recruited Heather to the team who has become one of our most valuable assets. She helps with everything from admin to sourcing props for our productions. A real all round star. 

The final piece of the puzzle was Andrew who has 30+ years business experience in the entertainment industry. He has start guiding us and has transformed us into a fully functioning company. He has opened doors and has provided invaluable assets.

We are now on track and have everything we need to produce the very best content and become one of the best film production companies in Scotland. Although it has been a journey for us all to get to this point this is only the first chapter for us as a team. 

Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals with our own unique skillsets whom all work together and share one centralised goal – to make great content. From a group of podcasters who interview celebrities and discust famous movies as well as well visual artists who have worked with some of Scotlands finest rising musical talents and largest music labels. We also have our own in house camera operative / technical director with an array of professional equipment which allows us to take on many projects without needing to hire externally. 

Whilst our backgrounds vary we operate as a well oiled machine. In certain cases our services can be hired individually although we work best when we are hired as ac creative team to brainstorm and come up with innovative concepts

Kevin Wells