Choose Chalmers Advert

Directed/Edited by – Scott Kempik
Produced by – Kevin Wells & Heather Dow
DOP & Lighting –  Sebastian Kulwicki
Starring – Neil Bratchpiece
Music – Kevin Kerr

We developed, storyboarded, filmed and edited this advert which appeared on STV at prime time for The Chalmers Group which is an independent cinema chain based in Scotland. 

The advert is a parody and a homage to one of Scotland’s most critically acclaimed and beloved films ‘Trainspotting’ which was filmed not far from the Bathgate cinema. 

We filmed this advert across all the areas where the cinemas are based. Arbroath, Alloa and Bathgate, you may see some recognisable places from each town. 

To get the running shot similar to the opening scene in Trainspotting we hand built a pushable dolly. This worked a dream and got us the exact shot we were hoping to achieve.