Sink or Swim

This award winning short film was made on an extremely small budget for unsigned independnet artists – Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves. 

It takes inspiration by films such as King Kong (1933) and Jason and the Argonauts (1963), where film makers used stop motion to bring large creatures to life. 

We filmed this in a garage which we converted into a green screen room for the occasion and hand built the side of the boat which you can see in the film. 

The Claymation octopus all designed, constructed and animated in house by our Director Scott Kempik.

We then added all the SFX using Premier pro and After effects.

This won an award for bring recognised as the best Music Video 2021 by Weekender Magazine. 

Directed by – Scott Kempik
Assistant Director – Kevin Wells
DOP –  Sebastian Kulwicki
Starring Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves
Set Build – Ross Kempik