Sink or Swim

This award winning short film was made on an extremely small budget for unsigned independnet artists – Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves. It takes inspiration by films such as King Kong (1933) and Jason and the Argonauts (1963), where film makers used stop motion to bring large creatures to life. We filmed this in […]


We shot this live cover of Britney Spear’s Toxic for Brooke Combe. It is shot in the staircase of the old church building where out studio is located in Bathgate.  Unfortunately the song was never released and therefore the video never surfaced however these screen grabs give you an idea of the atmosphere captured in […]

Choose Chalmers Advert Directed/Edited by – Scott KempikProduced by – Kevin Wells & Heather DowDOP & Lighting –  Sebastian KulwickiStarring – Neil BratchpieceMusic – Kevin Kerr We developed, storyboarded, filmed and edited this advert which appeared on STV at prime time for The Chalmers Group which is an independent cinema chain based in Scotland.  The advert is […]

Today Tomorrow Forever This video was shot and edited by Scott Kempik for Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves. It was filmed entirely in one day in a car park located beneath one of the band members flats. We projected imagery onto the band as they played to create a unique effect which carries the video visually.  […]

A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good night sleep is our debut short film. It is written by John Rooney who previously won a Bafta award for the gritty black comedy tv series High Times.  This film is showcases our ability to produce a narrative film within a tight budget.  Synopsis Sleep deprived due to our husband’s chronic snoring, Carol […]